Rachel F.

Rachel F.


New Orleans, LA 70118

Will travel 20 miles

$45 per hour.

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Johns Hopkins Graduate and Current Math Teacher

I love tutoring and teaching! I am a middle school math teacher in New Orleans working with special needs students. I have tutored all grade levels as well as taught college test prep courses. I am an expert in common core and SAT and ACT! I also love to read and write and would be happy to help others achieve their goals in any field! I am very flexible and happy to work on whatever schedule is best for you. I love helping people grow and gain confidence! I studied economics, finance, and m... [more]

Algebra 1

I teach middle school math, grades 6 through 8, including Algebra 1, so I am very capable and have loads of resources! As far as 11th grade math, I used to work in a high school and did some of my teacher certification working in a high school so I am also comfortable with that grade level and content!

Algebra 2

I teach Algebra 1 and 2 professionally! I have always loved these subjects and tutored them for the past 6 years.


Studied it through upper levels in college and scored a 5 on my AP exam in high school.




I work in a clinic teaching students with learning difficulties and language barriers to read. We focus on phonics, decoding, and reading comprehension!






SAT Math

I scored in the 95% percentile on the SAT for math. I have tutored both SAT and ACT prep for the last four years and am very confident in the test content. I can help get your score where you want it to be!




Elementary Math

Elementary Science


I graduated in three years from The Johns Hopkins University with a bachelors degree in economics and finance.


I graduated in three years from The Johns Hopkins University with a bachelors degree in economics and finance.


I am a special education teacher and have received extensive training in working with students with various disabilities including ADHD. I have my certification in teaching special education.


I studied economics and financial math at Johns Hopkins and graduated with a 3.5 in my area of study. I tutored other economics students in econometrics and other related courses. I am very comfortable with both the programs used to analyze economic situations as well as the theory behind how they work.

Common Core

I have tutored both middle and high school math for the last 6 years. I am now a middle school math teacher and have received extensive training in the common core standards for math. I am very proficient in the implementation and necessary applications of these standards