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Will H.


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I am a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force. While in the service I have completed two Associates' Degrees. One in Aircraft Maintenance Technology and the other in Human Resource Management. I subsequently earned my Bachelor of Business with a Specialization in Human Resources from Trident University International in Cypress California earning Summa Cum Laude honors. I culminated my educational career (as of now) with my Masters of Business with a specialization in Quality Manag... [more]

Algebra 1

American History

I have a passion for American history and a desire to make it jump into reality. My passion comes from the understanding that you must know where you have been to understand where you are going.


General Computer

I built my first computer 286/12Hz when I was 12 and kept on the field. My first 'real' job after High School was with a Computer Tech Support Company. After that, I have been around a multitude of computer systems in the Air Force ranging from simple DOS style interfaces to complex SQL/Oracle databases. Whatever you need help with on the computer, I can figure out a way to explain it to you.


I have an extensive history of math and love the subject (especially geometry). I have taken many classes including calculus and qualitative statistics, so I know we can get you solving the proofs in no time.

Microsoft Word

I have extensive experience building varied projects in Word. I have an in-depth understanding of formatting, layering, template creation, tables, and other advanced Word features. I have the real-world experience to help you get through any MS Word issues you may have.



Passed TeXes Certification for English, Language Arts and Reading. I'm getting my own class room next year to teach and finish my certification. Finally, I struggled as a reader so I am sympathetic and have coping methods to share.

Study Skills

I have had some of the 'most stressful' jobs in the world. The key to all of them, just like studying, is to stay organized and to make a plan. I can help you take a busy schedule and implement some techniques to help control the chaos preventing you from studying. Along the way, I'll help you figure out what style of learner you are and how you can adapt any professor to your needs.



I was raised on maps. My family and I crossed from east coast to west coast and back four times before I was 13 and my job was to hold the map. This was of course before the days of the bouncing blue dot and google maps. I also honed this skill through many years of practice in search and rescue training and land navigation courses. If you are having any problems with geography, I can teach you how to read the map and the people of the region.


Government & Politics


World History



I have an extensive math history and working knowledge from elementary math all the way to calculus and qualitative analysis. Additionally, I scored 297 out of 300 on the Texas Teachers Certification Test. More importantly, I know we don't all think the same, and I'm willing to meet you at your level and build you up to where you want to be. Together we can do this.


After giving the ASVAB and Practice Exam for six years, I know what it takes to pass it. Furthermore, I have kept in touch with the community to understand the requirements of each branch. Together, we can fill any gap you may have to raise the score and start your future marching down the road of success. I can't guarantee you what job you will get, but I know that we can work it out to get you in a uniform for sure.

Social Studies

ACT Math

Elementary Math

I have taken math courses ranging all the way up to calculus and qualitative statistics. Additionally, I recently passed the Texas Teacher Certification Math Section with a 297 out of 300, proving I know the content. More importantly, I have learned through personal experience that not everyone learns (or sees) math the same way. I can show you a multitude of techniques that will get your student to understand the concept.


I have managed organizations from 18 personnel supervising the activity of 1,500 all the way up to organizations of 180 people. For the last three years, I have managed an operations center and numerous programs. I bring real world experience to the academic qualifications I have. Masters of Business with a specialization in Quality Management.

Career Development

I have 6 years direct Human Resource management experience, helping young people find their place in the world. Moreover, I have over 19 years experience supervising, mentoring, and guiding subordinates and peers. I consider myself an expert in guiding people in finding what and why they want to accomplish their goals.