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Michael B.


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Experienced and Effective Math Tutor

I have been tutoring math for over five years, most recently as a tutor for Cal Poly's math department. My favorite part of any tutoring session is the buildup to the "Aha!" moment. I believe that building up to that moment is the most important, as it represents the learning process. If a student excels in that buildup process, that student excels in learning anything. About me: In 1st grade, I found a curiosity for math and took it all the way to my graduation from Cal Poly, where I studie... [more]

Algebra 1

B.S. in Mathematics, 2+ years experience tutoring basic algebra concepts

Algebra 2


I have a B.S. in Mathematics, and 1-2 years experience tutoring calculus.


I have a B.S. in Mathematics, and experience tutoring students in the applications of geometry to higher level math subjects.


I have a B.S. in Mathematics, a strong foundation in prealgebra/algebra, and experience tutoring students struggling with algebra concepts.


I have a B.S. in Mathematics and 1-2 years of experience tutoring precalculus.



I earned a Computer Science minor at Cal Poly. And I have 1+ years experience with Java programming.

SAT Math

B.S. in Mathematics, perfect score on first attempt for SAT Math portion

ACT Math

Perfect score on ACT Math, consistent involvement with mathematical problem solving

ACT Science

I had a perfect ACT Science score and I also have experience tutoring ACT Science.

Elementary Math

B.S. in Mathematics, independent study of elementary math concepts and the various ways they can be represented


My qualifications for C can apply to this as well. In addition, I took a class in computer graphics, using OpenGL. All of the source code written for this subject was in C++, so I got to explore the differences between C and C++.


My first class in Computer Science was taught in C. All Cal Poly CS students are also aware of the nightmarish CPE 357, a grueling 24 hour per week commitment for a 4 unit class taught entirely in C. Needless to say, I have done a lot with the language.


Math majors are required to take a class called Methods of Proof. The curriculum of this class includes a section on logical statements, truth tables, etc. This class, along with the entirety of upper division math curriculum, focuses on logical processes and proof based problem solving.

Finite Math

I think my expertise in finite math very heavily stems from my participation in math competitions throughout high school and college. I was a Mathlete, took the AMC and AIME, and took the Putnam Exam. These competitions have thrown an immensely diverse set of finite math problems, which can only partially represent the field of finite math. I think having a generally strong understanding of these sorts of problems, along with my love of number theory, combinatorics, etc. qualifies me to tutor this.