Kayla L.

Kayla L.


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Registered Nurse

As a registered nurse, education is a large part of my everyday routine. I teach patients a variety of topics, such as: life-style changes, medication uses and side effects, procedures, pre-and post-procedure care, disease pathology, etc.. Ensuring my patients understand what I am teaching them is literally life or death! Because I teach to a variety of populations, literacy levels, and learning styles, I have quickly learned to adapt my teaching style for the patient (or in your case, studen... [more]


I was required to take multiple courses pertaining to biology throughout high school and college.


My job requires an intimate knowledge of anatomy in order to keep my patient safe. I use my knowledge of anatomy daily and am constantly learning more.


In critical care, physiology is a necessary knowledge base. I use physiology daily when making decisions about patient care and when educating patients.


Critical care is one of the best ways to get experience with nursing and with bettering critical thinking skills. I have three years experience as a critical care nurse; two years were with adults and one with neonates, which makes my knowledge even more versatile.


While preparing for the NCLEX with my nursing class, I was a source of help for many of my classmates. When I took the NCLEX, I passed with the minimum amount of questions answered. I have three years of critical care experience which, in my opinion, is a great way to keep up with critical thinking skills for a variety of patient populations.


I enjoy this subject and did well with this course in college. Working as a nurse, I have frequent exposure to information pertaining to microbiology.


I began my career in the ICU where knowledge of pharmacology is frequently used while titrating IV medications and determining safe IV medication combinations. I have to have an intimate knowledge of pharmacology in order to fully understand and explain to patients why I am giving a medication.