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MKaryl G.


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Experienced Social and Computer Sciences Tutor

I have my Bachelor?s degree in Sociology-Anthropology as well as a Master?s in Information Systems Management. I am not a certified teacher, but I have done some substitute teaching for middle school grades. I believe that all we can learn is what we do not already know; and I also believe that learning should be self-paced so that it remains attainable to the individual student. I like to engage students in discussions about the subject matter so that a baseline of knowledge can be better as... [more]

American History

I am a very enthusiastic social historian with a lifelong interests in American social history. I like to show how the historical events of the past impacted people socially and culturally. I believe that history is best learned when it can be related to the events it impacted and the consequential outcomes that are still present in our modern society.

Microsoft Word


I have spoken Spanish as a second language for 40 plus years. I also tutor both English and Spanish speaking individuals to help improve their second language learning skills and proficiencies. I prefer to put a great deal of emphasis on learning the common grammar rules of language as a basis for a better comprehension of learning a second language.


Social Studies

Microsoft Access

I have 20 years experience as a Microsoft Access expert user. I design and implement MS Access databases for a variety of data tracking criteria based on end user needs. I am able to use both QBE and SQL to create queries. I also design forms and reports based on database tables and queries.

Microsoft Project

I have 15 plus years of experience using Microsoft Project as a Contract Project Support Coordinator. I am responsible for implementing the projects initial parameters, modifying the changes as needed to maintain timeline consistency and generating the reports for documentation.