Christian S.

Christian S.


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B.Sci in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I obtained my B.S in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I obtained my A.S in Biology and Chemistry at Moorpark College and also participated in and held officer positions in Moorpark College Engineering Club, Moorpark College Biology Club, and Moorpark College Chemistry Club. I have also done research in Biomolecular Engineering as a part of iGEM, an international research competition in the topics of Biomolecular engineering, bioinformatics and bi... [more]

Algebra 1

Higher level math, such as calculus, requires a solid understanding of the basics, such as Algebra 1 and Trigonometry. Having taken several higher level math courses as well as Calculus Based Physics, I have a great understanding of the topics and their applications.

Algebra 2


Have taken and got an A in General Biology I and II. I have also taken many advanced courses in biology such as Biochemistry, Eukaryotic Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Cell Biology.


General Computer





I enjoyed and did well in astronomy class and lab. I led a study group with several classmates while taking the class to study for the midterm and final.


I took a geography class in 9th grade. Geography knowledge is also needed in AP World history which I got a 5 on the AP test.

Government & Politics

SAT Math

I took advanced math courses that required a solid understanding in algebra, geometry and trigonometry which most of the SAT problems will require knowledge of.



I got an A in a college level Geology Class and led a study group for the final exam.



Elementary Math

Elementary Science


I have an A in undergraduate genetics course. I also have taken several higher level molecular biology and biology courses that require an understanding of genetics such as cell biology and eukaryotic molecular biology. I obtained my B.S in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


I have used Linux Mint and Kali Linux for running and making programs from research involving bioinformatics on beta lactamase evolution.


In my bioinformatics class and online course on C I did all my programming in a UNIX environment, usually with Linux Mint OS.