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Victoria T.


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Contemporary Music Grad for Tutoring in Music Theory, Production, etc.

Hi! I'm Victoria. I believe everyone has music in their hearts and, with diligent practice, can learn the building blocks to understanding, analyzing, writing, and performing in their favorite genres. Drawing the connections between those building blocks and your favorite genres is the best part because it makes studying the building blocks worthwhile. I like to focus on making sure the theory of a concept makes sense to you, and then get to applying that concept as soon as possible so you ca... [more]

Music Theory

My degree in Contemporary Music required four Music Theory classes, and I achieved A's in all four of them. These classes covered everything from the very basics of key and rhythm, through part-writing and harmonization, all the way to composition analysis. My favorite part of Music Theory is unlocking the puzzle of keys and harmony through composition analysis.

Ear Training

I achieved both aural and non-aural 5s on the AP Music Theory exam in high school, and I achieved high grades (all As) in every Ear Training course I took in college (Ear Training II-IV). I frequently use my Ear Training expertise while co-writing with band members in order to find key and harmony. I personally find solfege extremely helpful in cementing Ear Training concepts.

Voice (Music)

My degree required at least 6 semesters of private lessons in my primary instrument: voice. I took 7 semesters and performed a senior recital which included arias in foreign languages (Latin, German, Italian), American art songs (Samuel Barber, specifically), musical theatre, and jazz-- Ella Fitzgerald is my favorite. I also perform with an alternative metal band. Thus, my technique is diverse with a solid foundation in healthy, tried-and-true vocal technique, thanks to all those classical arias!

Music Production

My college studies were heavily focused on Music Production (All A's in classes from the 100 to the 400 level). I worked on my own music as well as others', including genres from singer-songwriter to rock and metal as well as EDM. Altogether, I have produced and engineered seven EPs in the last four years.