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Medical Student and Experienced Tutor for Math, Science, GRE/SAT/ACT

I recently graduated from Wake Forest University where I earned a BS in Biology, a BA in Psychology, and a minor in Chemistry- graduating with Honors. I am currently enrolled in Medical School and working as a tutor. I am experienced at the collegiate level, having been a Teaching Assistant for Comparative Anatomy, Microbiology, Cell Biology, and Genetics and earning no less than an A- in each subject. I have been tutoring with Wyzant for over a year and have come to really be an expert in th... [more]

Algebra 1

I took an advanced version of this course at a young age so I am very well-versed in this subject matter. Extremely passionate about algebra as it is one of my favorites and looking to share that passion with students who want to learn!

Algebra 2

I have taken an advanced version of this course while I was in 9th grade and aware of the material. I continue tutoring close friends, family, and neighbors in this subject with a high degree of success.


I have always been passionate about biology and seek to transmit my passion to other students. I majored in Biology at Wake Forest University and will be beginning Medical School in August 2018. I served as a Teachers Assistant for Physiological Biology 3 days a week for 3 semesters and actively researched for 6+ semesters all while enrolled in college.


I successfully completed 4 semesters of chemistry in college and am enrolled in Medical School. Additionally, I took AP chemistry in high school and have a thorough background on all major chemistry subjects and topics.


I have taken Geometry I Honors in 8th grade and finished with an A. Over the summer, I tutored a 9th grade student in this course in preparation for the 2017-2018 academic school year. Through a series of quizzes, tests, homework, and extra tutoring, I was sufficiently able to prepare them as they are currently with an 88% in the course.


I took an advanced version of this course while in 6th grade and made an A. I currently tutor an 8th grade student in Pre-Algebra for the 2017-2018 academic school year, and am pleased to say that we have raised their grade from a C- to A-.


I took an accelerated version of this course, Pre- Calculus Honors, in 10th grade. I am currently tutoring a 9th grade student in this course and we are making good progress. Through extra practice, additional practice problems, and a continued exposure to the material, the student is maintaining a B average in the course and has since improved since the start of this school year.


Extensive experience with students in English, where I would help with their essays and any additional assignments as needed


I have extensive experience in English, Spanish, Gujarati and therefore am able to assist students who speak one of these languages and is trying to learn the other.


I received my second major in Psychology from Wake Forest University. There, I was an active researcher as well as a teaching assistant, where I taught the laboratories and intro-level courses to younger students. I also received a 5 on the AP Psychology exam in high school.

SAT Math

I am very skilled at mathematics, especially SAT math, where I scored in the top percentile. I currently tutor numerous students in math with very high degrees of success, bringing up their scores from C's/D's to straight A's.


Scored 93% in Writing with 65%+ scores in both Math and Reading


Took microbiology with lab in undergrad and performed research in the area as well


I scored highly on my PSAT which I took in 10th grade, earning me a scholarship for college. I currently tutor 4 students in all sorts of math ranging from Algebra 1- Pre-calculus, where I have raised their scores from C's/D's to straight A's.

ACT Math

I currently tutor students in mathematics with a high degree of success, and I also work with students on their ACT Preparation. I have improved the math scores of many students as well. I scored in the top 90% in my overall ACT, scoring above 93% on the ACT Math section.