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Engineering,Software developer/Programming tutor

My name is Corey, I would be humbled to offer you great experience. Students and parents, I have been tutoring Computer science and Engineering related subjects. My major in college was Computer science and later on two Masters Degrees in Robotics from the University of Utah and Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. I believe that everyone has unlimited potential that awaits tapping. Therefore I chose to become a teacher/tutor to students who need assistance. Since 2011 I hav... [more]

Adobe Flash

I was recently nominated the best teacher in Adobe Flash having taught for 3 years Now. I have a certificate in Graphics design including Adobe flash. This is a more technical subject that needs deep understanding and passion. I encourage students not only to learn about adobe flash but other related softwares.


I am an SA/lead Developer who has been working in the IT sector for more than fifteen years. I have been involved a large number of projects related with the telecommunication, automotive. I have been teaching computer programming full-time since 2013 at the collegiate level. I teach classes utilizing C#, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, and SQL. I love Internet of things integrated with Programming especially My teaching approach is being Passionate and seeing the students having fun and progressing. Motivation and more motivation, that is why I try to transfer in every session.


Many business educators have experience working in business as well as a background in education. This guide has provided me with further information on what business teachers do, how to become a business teacher, and business teacher salary and outlook. I have a diploma in Cooperative Management attained few years ago. I there on went to tutor in various schools and websites in major Business courses and its related subjects such as accounts,finance and Cooperative business field. I have a passion for business because i believe that everyone has a potential to become a successful business man or woman.


Let me help you learn computer programming! I enjoy helping students learn to enjoy programming, so they can reap the rewards from learning this highly-prized skill! My specialty is Objected Oriented Programming, this includes C++. I have attended Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology I received a Bachelors Degrees in these Universities. I tutored various classes in these areas to different students on both campuses. Later on, I got the opportunity to teach some computer programming classes for four years. C++ is rather an easy programming language but needs Guidance and Lots of examples while learning it. I have dedicated myself to helping students become software developers and programmers realize their dreams.


I have been using Auto-CAD for work for over 5 years. I was a lab aid in an Auto-CAD lab at Chemeketa Community College. Here i would conduct lessons and tutorials for students in this subject area. I am a certified Auto-cad Technician with Ashworth college. My approach to this subject is specific to practice. It needs as much as examples as one can get.

Autodesk Maya

3D animation is being used in a variety of applications ranging from entertainment to medical diagnosis. I am a very big follower of 3D technology. I would like to impart my knowledge in 3D that I have picked up from my years of experience working in media, IT and engineering firms to those with the curiosity to know more about 3D before investing in a full-time advanced course and taking it up as a career. I have a graduate diploma in 3D animation (Autodesk Maya) from Georgia Institute of technology with three years experience in tutoring.

Actuarial Science

I have done a degree in Mathematical sciences and Actuarial Sciences. I am currently teaching in the actuarial department of a large P&C insurance company in DFW. I have multiple years teaching experience in teaching this subject. I love teaching actuarial science to students using lots of examples. I ensure students find the subject as a passion not just a subject to pass

Adobe InDesign

I offer an educational approach that derives from my formal academic training, my teaching and administration experience, and the practical application all my skills in real jobs. I used In Design to layout all of the interior pages as well as the cover. I am proficient enough that I was able to write, design and publish the last three books within an average of 12 weeks each start to finish. Learning to use Adobe InDesign will open many career doors for you in the Advertising, Design, Printing and Online Digital Publishing industries. It is a great program that's fairly easy to learn but has a great depth of capabilities built into it.


I have had a love for teaching ever since my high school days when I worked at a daycare, helping kids of all ages with their homework. In college, I expanded on that passion by working as a bio statistics teaching assistant as well as working as a genetics lab research grader. I am currently working another tutoring company, mostly with high school students on SAT prep as well as college level science classes.


I have been a COBOL programmer since 1976. Other than a few projects in Assembler, I have coded exclusively in COBOL that entire time. I was trained at Control Data Institute in 1975, receiving top honors from that school. Then I worked for a manufacturer for 9 years, moving up to senior programmer. I then moved on to education, performing system and data conversions. Finally I worked for a major insurer doing two system and data conversions, coding and implementing the Y2K fix (also in COBOL), and holding the position of database administrator. I know how COBOL works with data, the operating system, and the interfaces.

Computer Science

I am a motivator and a willing person with a can do attitude in everything I do in life. Over 4 years experience Teaching and Tutoring. In. I also represent Greater London Tutors and Holland Park Tutors and partake in regular tutoring training. I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Stanford with a first class honors. Am currently pursuing a Masters degree in the same. I plan each lesson before hand and endeavor to follow the universal teaching scheme with a tweak of my own to aid understanding. I make sure each lesson is very useful, objective and unique.


Having been in IT for over 8 years I grew up on DOS and naturally have used most of the DOS commands. Even today in Windows Xp and Vista DOS commands are very useful and often you can do things quicker than using the GUI. Having been an IT trainer most people who have never done DOS fail to understand a lot about files and the O/S. I thought some people may benefit from some basic DOS tutors and this will hopefully help them with their pc.


I constructed my first sites utilizing Dreamweaver. I have a broad foundation in web improvement utilizing Dreamweaver. I can show you to make sites utilizing the Adobe Dreamweaver realistic interface or composing the code in the supervisor


I am a Bachelors' from Delhi University with a degree in Economics. I have been a tutor of microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic engineering, public economics, agriculture economics, and development economics for more than 2 years. During my graduation, I have been involved in assisting my juniors in training programs, and I was also able to assist my professors with activity plans like lesson planning, mentoring, and tutoring.I have tutored Econometrics as a full-time on-line tutor with Additionally, I have been involved in academic content creation work and working as SME (Economics) with Trans-tutors. I also give home tuition for Economics to undergraduate students.

Chemical Engineering

Hello there! I am Paul and I am a licensed Chemical Engineer with an MS degree in Environmental Engineering. I practice my profession in a full-time day job and do tutor requests here at Wyzant during my spare time. I've handled requests on various Chemical Engineering subjects such as Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Unit Operations and Design, Reaction Kinetics, Separation Processes, Process Control. My approach to this is vigorous practice with systems and principles to help students grasp

Civil Engineering

I completed my undergraduate education in civil engineering and my Master's program in Structural Engineering. My careful focus and strong planning and design abilities allow me to deliver safe and code-compliant structures. Along with an extensive knowledge base, I understand the importance of structural safety in order to prevent loss of life in the event of disaster. I possess an in-depth understanding of all the physical aspects of the construction industry, including materials, machinery, and infrastructure designs.

Computer Engineering

I have 3 years of teaching experience. During these 3 years, I taught more than 5 courses in computer science and IT. I got teaching excellence award back home from the Chair of higher education and scientific research on club in 2012. Along with my university student?s level teaching, I used to teach students with different skills and different ages. I taught many programming languages like: C, C++, Java, OOP and data base. This long period of teaching had given me the real confidence to teach students.


I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. I also have 4 years of experience in web ,mobile apps and desktop software development. Mainly concentrated in business automation and optimization tools along with Front-end, Back-end development and Database management. I will be happy to create best quality products that will save your time and facilitate routine tasks.I have a good experience in creation and maintenance of web applications on C# .NET,JAVA,PYTHON,NODE.JS and PHP. Have a good knowledge of CMS like DOTNETNUKE,WORDPRESS AND MAGENTO . I am very confident, patient, easy going, approachable and very successful. I have tutored students of all ages and abilities.


My love for tutoring came at an early age, when my fellow peers approached me to assist them on homework, or studying for exams. I have a degree in Architecture from RIBA . I have also taught there for the last 2 years and two of my students from different universities were candidates for the student RIBA Silver Medal Prize. What i tell students is that There are values that YOU carry in your experience right at this moment and once you unlock them, you would posses the ability to organize them into "design products".


have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I am expert in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Web Design, C language, C++, Java, Excel, Photoshop. I believe that teaching is a learning experience, and I have learned so many new things by teaching other students. I am a person that believes in honesty and hard work. Being an engineer by profession I am passionate about technology.

Graphic Design

I am an enthusiastic and friendly freelance Graphic Designer and I can help you to develop your graphic skills for your career, your studies and your passion and to become your personal tutor and coach. I have a natural approach to teach design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign Thanks to my academic experiences I have the ability to use innovative methodologies to teach, such as brainstorming and storytelling. During my career I supported undergraduate students as academic tutor during projects and workshop helping them reach their full potential.

Finite Math

As part of my graduate study of Finite Math, I am well versed in all grade school and college-level mathematics. The teaching style I have developed through my own experience, as well as keeping up with the results of physics education research. I currently have over 2 years in Finite Math supplemental instruction at the college level. The small classes allowed me to work with students individually, learn their strengths, and anticipate their questions and "trouble" spots

Common Core

After graduation from Georgia Tech I worked in a well-regarded elementary charter school in New York City for three years. After that, I was a member of Teach for America for two years; I taught fourth graders in a General Education and an ICT setting. I am well versed in Common Core standards for elementary grades in Literacy and Math. While at Georgia I also tutored students in middle school. As a tutor, I mold my instruction to the individual student and push them to exceed their own expectations. I work to build a connection to my students through my engaging and fun style of teaching


A 3D animator's job is to bring inanimate 3D objects to life through movement which is very exciting. I have majored in Auto-desk Maya and Blender animation technologies which have really helped me and my students. I obtained my certification 3 and half years ago. Since then i have been helping students learn all they can about animation. Animation is a fun subject hence teaching it becomes more fun making students love the subject.


I went to the college in Florida and obtained my Diploma in environmental studies, with a special focus on urban studies. While attending school as an undergraduate student, I began tutoring college students in Geographic Information Systems. This is a process of working with computer programs to understand environmental sciences, geography, and urban planning and development and issues that go along with that.I revel in working with students on difficult subjects and helping develop a system of reviewing a concept with them so they can gain reliance on their understanding of that concept.

Computer Gaming

I have over four years of teaching experience of engineering, computer science and computer gaming subjects at university level. I am well versed with computer gaming for 2 and half years now. I have developed few computer games with students as part of my tutoring method. I am also available for tutoring any subject related to my field.