Mark W.

Mark W.


Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Will travel 15 miles

$30 per hour.

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Artistic, ESL Teacher With Multiple Degrees Under His Belt

My name is Mark and I just recently relocated to the Inland Empire. I used to live in Corona back in my high school days and I hope to call this home again. I first taught English at an American University in Iraq for six months and I fell in love. It was a huge career change, but I definitely discovered my passion. Teaching immigrants is very rewarding for me. Believe it or not I was once an immigrant and I was in the same position you are. We immigrated to this country in the early 90s as w... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I have four years of Microsoft suite experience, including Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

I'm so experienced with PowerPoint that I had to use visual basic just to automate all of the presentations that I had to make. Could you imagine having to make 36 PowerPoints for 36 suppliers every Monday with 12 slides in each of them manually?


My first experience of being an ESL teacher occured within the Northern Iraq region of Kurdistan. It was a beautiful 6 months teaching at the American University of Kurdistan. I had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of students coming from different countries of the region. It was something new and exciting. I hope to continue my passion of teaching with my future students. I love any career that allows me to help others and this is definitely one of them.

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Access

I have over 4 years of experience working with some of the largest automotive companies in the world. I was a data analyst at these companies and there was a constant need for data collection. Access was usually my go to application because it handles a lot more data than excel can. If you are interested in learning MS Access then I am the right guy for the job.

Microsoft Outlook

I have had the opportunity to use MS Outlook at 4 major organizations. These include GM, Nissan, Chrysler and GIN Driveline. The program is very simple and user friendly but I was able to incorporate Visual Basic into the application. Anyone struggling with MS Outlook will not be struggling for long after my trainings.

Visual Basic

As a data analyst for 4 major automotive companies, visual basic was definitely a helpful tool that allowed me to automate my workflow. All of my repetitive tasks always had a macro that completed the job in one click. For example, at General Motors, every Monday I had to generate 36 seperate different powerpoint files for their 36 top suppliers. I utilized visual basic through in excel in order to setup a loop that would automate through and generate the powerpoints on its own. The job would usually take an hour or so depending on the amounts of data that the application had to circulate through.

Graphic Design

I have spent close to 5 years attending a couple of art schools to complete my bachelors in Graphic Design. I graduated from IADT - Detroit but I was also able to take courses at the Art Institute of Detroit along with ITT Technical Institute. I am obsessed with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. I also have experience with CGI programs such as 3DS Max, Zbrush, Nuke, and many other programs. I actually worked on a movie that was in theaters, Spy Kids 4. I know it isn't the best movie in the world but I gained a ton of experience during this 6 month project.


I've attended a handful of design schools with classes varying in a variety of subjects. CGI and animation definitely caught my interest early on in college. I even had the opportunity to model and animate for a company called Speedshape. The project was about 6 months long and it was the most fun I've ever had during a job.