Lucia B.

Lucia B.


Raleigh, NC 27604

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Artist, Animator, Designer

In May 2016 I graduated NC State's College of Design with a Bachelor's in Art and Design. My major focused primarily on digital art, 2D traditional animation, some 3D graphics, graphic design, and game design (that's a lot)! I've done a little bit of everything, including some fine art with ink and acrylics as well as screen printing and sewing, though my main focus is digital art. Art has been a passion of mine for most of life, and I have 10+ years of drawing experience under my belt to s... [more]

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

I've used Adobe Illustrator in professional Graphic Design settings and also for working with typography in my own work. For Artopia, I've created promotional material formatted for print using the program.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash has been the primary program in which I use to make animations since I first used it back in 2012. In college, most of my animated work was done in Flash, including my final project (which can be viewed on my portfolio website).

Adobe InDesign

In college I designed and formatted booklet layouts using InDesign. I use it to format most of the print documents I create today, including promotional work for Artopia, my own resume, and for the college planners I formatted at AroundCampus Group.

Graphic Design

I was a Project Design Specialist at AroundCampus Group for the summer of 2016. During my time there I gained professional experience from managing, editing, and creating promotional material for businesses around the country. I currently work as a graphic designer at Artopia in addition to my responsibilities as an instructor.


I focused on 2D and traditional animation using Adobe Flash and Photoshop in a four year college program at NC State's College of Design. I currently work as a character designer for an animation studio called Simeck Entertainment. I've also worked as an animation teacher at Artopia for over a year.