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Luke H.


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MCAT, GRE, SAT, ACT Expert - Pro Science/Math Teacher, Georgetown M.S.

Need help preparing for your big test? Flummoxed by functions or confused by chemistry? I?m a tutor who specializes in making these topics enjoyable and understandable, with energy and patience for instruction and a wealth of experience tutoring math, science, and exam prep at all levels, from middle to grad school. I'm an energetic professional teacher with a Master's Degree from Georgetown (MS 2017), an extensive background in writing, research, and theory from my time spent as a Political... [more]

Algebra 1

I've been a professional math and algebra 1 teacher and tutor for years and have a proven track record of helping students succeed in this subject. I meet students wherever they are and help instill confidence and self-belief. Everyone is a "math person" as long as they believe in themselves and have confidence! Through supportive sessions, I build that confidence and turn students into successes.

Algebra 2


As a physiologist and science teacher, I?m remarkably well-versed in biology at all levels. I?ve been a biology tutor for years and help students grasp complex subjects use simple analogies and techniques to guide them through challenging content. I?m available for and experienced in teaching biology from middle school on through college.


I've been a chemistry tutor for years, tutoring everywhere from middle schoolers up through the college-level, and am well-prepared to help you get up to speed on this topic! My background in chemistry runs deep, with many years of taking and tutoring chemistry courses and now I teach it at a local school. I'm always prepared to help you reach your potential in this challenging topic and can help you to love the subject as much as I do!





I teach prealgebra at a local school and have tutored the subject for a few years. I?m a professional tutor and teacher full time and have an engaging style of teaching math that helps students both enjoy and understand the topic.




I'm an experienced anatomist with an M.S. in physiology from Georgetown and am an expert on the human body. With years of background in anatomy and multiple dissections and prosections behind me, I know the body literally inside and out! As a professional teacher, I'm here to communicate that knowledge on to you and simplify this complicated subject.


With my master's degree in physiology from Georgetown University. I specialize in anatomy, physiology, and their links to pathology, and can break down this complex subject matter into simpler terms that can help you succeed.

SAT Math

I?m a math teacher and tutor and experienced exam prep tutor who can help you take your skills to the next level. I?m an expert in exam strategy and can help you build a toolkit to succeed on all sections of the SAT, especially the Math section. I specialize in helping students gain confidence in their abilities and maximize their knowledge, while using specific techniques to find answers to the hardest problems. I help convince students that it is possible and that they can succeed by building up their confidence and abilities.

Adobe Photoshop



I'm a professional math teacher with a wealth of experience teaching GRE Quant. I specialize in helping students grow from math-lite to mathletes! Whether you just took Calc II or you haven't taken math since high school, I can give you the tools and technical ability to succeed on the GRE.



SAT Reading

SAT Writing

Physical Science






ACT Reading

ACT English

I'm an experienced writer who understands the technicalities of the English language and can guide students from grammar greenhorn to expert. With patient instruction, a wealth of practice passages and drills, and guidance on all the aspects of ACT English, I'm here to prep you for ultimate success.

ACT Math

I teach math professionally and use that expertise to help students effectively prepare for standardized exams. To succeed on these exams, you need a specific technique along with a solid math background and I help guide students to developing those techniques. With years of experience as a math teacher and exam tutor, I?m here to help you crush the ACT.

ACT Science

With years of experience as a standardized test tutor, I can turn students into ACT Science experts in just a few sessions. The ACT science section requires a focused, tactical approach that I've honed as an MCAT, SAT, and ACT tutor and use to guide students to greatness on this section of the exam.

Elementary Math

I'm a professional and experienced math teacher and tutor who helps students build confidence in the subject. Everyone is a math person! They just need the right type of teaching to get them there. That's what I provide. Patient, kind, motivating instruction to help students achieve.

Elementary Science

I teach science professionally at a local school and am an experienced, professional teacher with a master's degree in physiology and a huge level of excitement for the subject. I help students build confidence, motivation, and organization in science and other subjects.


I'm an experienced MCAT tutor who has sent students to the exam with great success. A recent student scored in the 99th percentile! I'm also a high scorer on the MCAT (99th percentile as well) so I understand how to approach the questions and can help you craft your own ideal approach and study plan. Everyone is different and has unique needs, so I tutor specifically to what you need. I have years of experience tutoring students in the sciences and for exams including MCAT, GRE, ACT, and SAT. The MCAT is its own animal and requires a tutor who is well-versed in its details and the method of approach. I use a specific technique to tutor the exam, especially on the CARS section, a technique that I believe is quite effective in boosting scores. I'd like to use this expertise to help you become better at this process, doing well on the MCAT and moving into medical school. I can craft an entire lesson plan for you, or we can review specific sections, it's up to you! Either way, we can start as soon as you'd like!


As someone who was homeschooled for years, I understand the particular challenge of the setting and how to succeed there. I come from a family steeped in homeschool tradition and now use my teaching experience and home background to bring in exceptional math and science education at all levels. I am capable of teaching science and math from elementary on through high school and can help build success in and love for these subjects in your students.