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Gideon B.


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Pragmatic Web Developer - If You Want A Job, I'm Your Man.

I love teaching anyone willing to spend the time listening. I have professional experience in web developing in the B2B, E-commerce, general web design and development fields. I can teach you a wide range from coding (PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc), SEO practices, Linux backend & server skills, and a bit of graphic design (Adobe ACA certified). 8+ years working in a professional capacity in various markets spanning from logistics, entertainment industry, web resale, & tech support t... [more]


Web Design

I've been working in the web design/development industry for close to a decade. This is a great field to get into and I love teaching people skills than can lead them on their way to being self sufficient. I've worked professionally in this area for quite a while and have seen technologies/languages/techniques both wax and wane in popularity. I've done my best in keeping up to date in the latest trends, frameworks, and languages that are valuable to the current market. As written in my overview, I tend to be pragmatic and hone my skills on what the market finds valuable in a developer/designer.


I've been been using Linux for well over a decade now. When I need to get something done quick and efficiently, Linux is my best friend. The learning curve for using *nix systems may seem daunting to some, but I can get you going on your day to day affairs server-side using Linux much quicker than proprietary options like Windows and Mac. Most servers right now are using Linux, so a basic understanding of Unix based filesystems and commands is an invaluable resource.

Graphic Design

I've been working with Photoshop since high school and have had a great respect for both art and design since then. Most of my professional work in graphic design has been pertaining to web design, so lot's of banners, ads, and website layouts and concepts. I'm more than happy to show what I know in this field, and if you would like some examples of my work, just ask.


I make it a point to keep my CSS clean, organized, and concise. I like to think of CSS as the more efficient version of most production design. If you can write a couple lines of code as opposed to doing it all in Photoshop, you will be well on your way to making a very lean and fast loading website. I really enjoy using CSS compilers such as SASS and LESS. If you haven't heard of them run, don't walk to check them out. Many headaches can be saved.