Heather M.

Heather M.


Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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$40 per hour.

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A writer, a designer, and a teacher

I've worked with small groups of students learning technology at a small elementary school for 13 years now. Before that, I taught university classes in graphic design. I love teaching, and love helping people know and understand what they're doing better, but my favorite is working one-on-one or in small groups. I have a small design business and I write science fiction and fantasy stories and novels. I live out in the country on the North Coast, and love gardening and making things. ... [more]

Adobe Photoshop

I taught Photoshop at the college level (Cal State East Bay) for 5+ years. I have used it in my design business for 10+ years, and have taught it to teens and children as well.

Adobe Illustrator

I taught the Illustrator classes at Cal State East Bay for 5+ years. I have used Illustrator in my design business for 10+ years and have taught it to teens and children as well.

Desktop Publishing

I started working in layout and dtp file management in 1990 and have been doing so ever since, working with publishers, management consultants, and event managers. I'm familiar with publishing layout, graphs and charts, and cover design and poster layout. I can teach you to get your documents looking good.


I've been the technology coordinator at an all-mac elementary school for 13 years now, and have been a mac user since 1985. I teach children technology classes on macs, and have taught technology classes to college students.

Graphic Design

I've got a graphic design business and have taught graphic design at the college level, and can teach about aspects of gestalt, visual weight, line, texture, color, positive and negative space, layout, typography, and so on. I can help you understand good design and learn about process through critique and self-evaluation.


I've taught animation for many years in many mediums, from animated gifs, to flip books, to Flash animation, to stop motion animation, to animation made by writing code in Scratch and Processing. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll help you further your knowledge.