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Latin Immersion Tutor

I am a graduate of Wyoming Catholic College with a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts. I have a passion for learning and for studying languages, especially Latin, and I hope to be able to share that same passion and knowledge which I have gained over the years with others. I studied the Latin language in High School and at Wyoming Catholic College. Two of those years were spent speaking Latin under the instruction of Dr. Nancy Llewellyn, one of the foremost Latin scholars in the United States... [more]

Algebra 1

I spent 2 years at Wyoming Catholic College studying Euclid's elements and Apollonius's conics as well as Richard Courant's, "What is Mathematics?". I spent another year studying statistics. I also excelled in high school algebra I, II, and III and pre-calculus.


At Wyoming Catholic College, I studied classical rhetoric and grammar. I have spent four years composing and editing collegiate papers. I have also spent three years studying Latin grammar, which has made me more conscientious and knowledgeable of English grammar.


I spent two years in a Latin immersion course at Wyoming Catholic College and have gone on two week-long Latin immersion backpacking trips with Professor Eugene Hamilton, a fluent composer, reader, and speaker of the language. I also wrote my Bachelor's thesis in Latin. Between all of this, I have spent a great deal of my free time studying the language because I enjoy it so much.


I have studied classical rhetoric and grammar at Wyoming Catholic College. I also took a public speaking course and wrote a Bachelor's thesis. I have also studied Latin for three years and have thus gained a better understanding of the English language and, more generally, language itself.


I have spent 4 years at Wyoming Catholic College writing and editing essays. I took a course in classical rhetoric and grammar as well as public speaking. I also wrote an undergraduate thesis.