Cora Ann W.

Cora Ann W.


Houston, TX 77077

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Speech & Public Speaking Coach with 20+ years refining accents

I have a Ph.D. in Speech Communication. For over 20 + years, I've been teaching and coaching students of all ages in speech. I love helping students overcome public speaking problems such as: fear, shyness, pronunciation issues and poor interview skills. In addition, I assist non-native speakers in refining their accents. Everyone has an accent! Therefore, forget about totally eliminating an accent (because it's an important part of you) but, refining your accent so you are clearly under... [more]



Career Development

For over 15+ years, I have been doing career development coaching. My academic background includes two Master's Degrees, a Law Degree and a PhD, so students were drawn to me for advice. During the same time, college graduate students wanted advice on how to enter Master's and PhD programs. After coaching students successfully, they know how to select the career that speaks to their heart, so they can reach their goals. In the end, students should focus on a balanced quality of life which includes earning potential but at times "the road not taken" is the way they need to go.

College Counseling

For over 20+ years, I've built a strong reputation as a College Counselor. My academic background includes: a Bachelor's Degree, 2 Master's Degrees, a PhD and a Law Degree; so, students are drawn to me because I can give great academic advice. I've served as an Academic Counselor, Coach and Mentor at the community college, university, and graduate school level. In addition, I enjoy counseling high school, non-traditional and ESL students who are struggling to decide if starting in a community college is a better choice than going to a 4 year university. I'm passionate when it comes to helping students choose the right degree plan that meets their interests and is financially achievable.


I have a Ph.D in Speech Communication and over 20 years of experience teaching speech to clients of all ages. I'm a speech professional who understands how to take good speakers and make them great. My coaching focuses on the specific techniques a client needs to know that can transform and improve the way the person speaks and presents information to an audience. I help clients with all types of speech challenges. Speaking challenges are not to be viewed as weaknesses but as an opportunity for a client to improve their self-confidence. Speaking skills are like muscles. As speakers exercise the tips they learn, their speaking abilities become stronger. Under my direction, clients learn valuable speaking tips that can transform a person's speaking skills from being ?Average' to 'Great'. My clients see their speaking abilities improve dramatically because I create a customized speaking plan to meet their specific needs. I assist in fine tuning speakers abilities to help students overcome common public speaking challenges. Ultimately, I love taking good speakers and making them great!