Deepankar T.

Deepankar T.


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Graduate Student and Local Tutor

I have tutored since my sophomore year in high school and it has been 7 or so years since. I started tutoring and helping family friends' kids with time management and study skills. Then I started creating study guides and made a website for my friends for AP classes we were all in so that we could prepare for the AP exams in May. I began online tutoring as high school was ending and have tutored folks on CHEGG and on Google Hangouts on a myriad of subjects from the life sciences to ACT/SAT T... [more]

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I started my own education in biology since freshman year of high school and my college major covers biology both in lab settings and applications in public policy. I have tutored various courses in biology from 100 to 500 levels in college through after-class tutoring or online sessions. Biology is one of my strongest tutoring subjects because I'm a visual thinker and apply my conceptual understanding through various visuals. I have practiced tutoring this so many times that I can provide students with numerous mnemonics/devices to get through the harder content of biology. But, I also emphasize the major patterns of biology covered in the 16-20 essential principles of biology in the 1st chapter of any Biology textbook because these patterns actually allow new students to navigate through biology as though it was a narrative they were watching in a movie or reading in a book, instead of a grocery list of items to memorize. In order to understand the weaknesses of new students in biology, I simply gauge their learning style first and confidence level with the content so that all tutoring provided afterwards is actually attentive to their specific needs and can be of practical use when students take their education back to the classroom and labs. I am good in my ability to break down biology concepts so it is more palatable to the students' learning style.




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