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Sarah A.


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Teaching math, science, and Japanese with a smile!

Hello there! My name is Sarah A. and I'm a sophomore majoring in astronomy and microbiology at the University of Oklahoma, currently with a 4.0. I was president of Nolan Catholic High School's After-School Peer Tutorial Program several years ago, and have a history of helping middle and high school students in geometry, algebra, precalculus, physics, biology, and chemistry. There's nothing I like more than helping a student achieve the grades they'd like to see. Whether you or your student n... [more]

Algebra 1

I have tutored students in algebra 1 for over five years, bringing with me easy-to-understand instruction and a variety of textbook resources. I have aided many students in achieving their desired exam scores, and never have issue with the panic of students cramming before exams. In fact, I have helped multiple middle and high schoolers pull up their grades with their finals! With worked out solutions and tons of resources I bring along, I love to help students see the beauty in mathematics and conquer problems by themselves.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is when the foundations for higher division math is built, and therefore its important for students to fully grasp it before moving on. For students who are feeling lost during classroom instruction, or feeling hopeless before exams, I'm a motivating and insightful peer, armed with proven strategies and plenty of practice problems, who can offer an alternative for students feeling intimidated by mathematics. I have helped many students cram before their exams, or keep up to date with material, and know that no matter what your algebra needs are, I'll be able to provide with a smile.


I've always been fascinated with how life works, and my passion has even led me to major in microbiology at university. I have aided students studying microbiology and biology for several years, and would love to help you or your student understand how everything from the respiration system to biological classifications work. I can provide beautifully drawn illustrations I myself have created when I studied to help students better visualize materials, as well as elaborate upon materials already given in class.


Chemistry can be hard. From the multitude of new vocabulary words, to the abstract subject matter, to the confusing word problems, if a student is struggling with chemistry even a little, it can become impossible to achieve a new grade. I have helped many students in high school and in college conquer difficult chemistry concepts, and can come armed with practice problems and concise explanations to help you conquer chemistry as well. I don't mind being contacted last minute to help a student cram for exams, and will always tutor with a smile.


Prealgebra is when most kids start struggling with math, due to its many word problems and abstract concepts. For middle and high schoolers worried that they're falling behind, I am a wonderful tutor, able to provide students concrete examples for prealgebra's use, and can come armed with a variety of practice problems we can work on together until they feel comfortable enough to conquer problems themselves. From cramming before exams, to keeping up to date in class, I always tutor my students with a smile in an way that makes them feel not like they're talking to an intimidating teacher in a classroom, but like a fun friend they just happen to be learning math from. ;)


Most students struggle with math because of its abstract nature. Unfortunately, for students hoping to survive high school with decent grades or pursue a STEM degree, understanding the foundations of calculus is extremely important. I have a passion for mathematics that has spurred me to pursue a degree in the field, and I would love to help you find that same passion. Whether you're studying for exams or keeping up to date in class, I'll always tutor precalculus with a smile, providing easy to understand instruction and example problems that will help you feel safe about conquering mathematics by yourself.


When I was little, I became fascinated by Japanese culture when my father told me of his childhood living near Mount Fuji. I vowed to study Japanese like he had in his youth, and have been studying now every day for the last 7 years. In 2016, I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Nagaoka, Japan as a Harashin Scholar to serve as a representative of Fort Worth, thanks to my language abilities and cultural appreciation. There, I interviewed Caroline Kennedy and visited the founder and current owner of the Harashin grocery store chain, Mr. Hara. If you are looking to start studying Japanese, I am a great tutor, thanks to my love of the language and its people. While immersion in a new country is the best way to pick up a language, I believe the second best way is to be taught by a nonnative speaker, who has already gone through and conquered all of the difficulties a beginner may encounter themselves.