Aaron C.

Aaron C.


Salem, OR 97302

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$40 per hour.

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Games, Software, and Web Development Teacher

Hey there! My name is Aaron, and I've been working with technology my entire life. I enjoy helping others learn through hands on lessons, interactive activities, and awesome sessions. I love to develop and play all sorts of games, create fun and engaging websites, and spend time with my family. I teach online through YouTube and Udemy. I firmly believe that everyone can learn with the right teacher, and I do my best to explain concepts in practical terms, show why things done the way they are... [more]

General Computer

I?ve been using, building, and teaching general computer skills since I was a young kid. Technology and software have always been my second language, coming to me naturally. I can explain how computers work, how to get them set up, and everything else you can think of.



I?ve been building projects in SQL for years now, such as databases for websites and applications. It?s a very powerful language that anyone can learn with some practice.

Computer Programming

I?ve been programming for many years, in many different situations. Programming is such a great skill to have because it changes the way you think about everything, in a good way. I?ve made scripts, games, websites, and more and have the fundamentals down, practice good coding habits, and am ready to help others learn as well.

Web Design

I help business and people create a presence online. I've designed personal portfolios, wedding company websites, and photo galleries. I have experience with many of the online languages, the psychology of UX, and more.


At BUG (Beyond Us Games), I create all the services a business or user desires. From the front end of the website and graphic design, to the back end where I design and create their databases. I can create full service applications for anyone who needs them.

Video Production

I've been creating and editing videos since I was 10 years old. I have experience with many different cameras and editing suites. Currently, I work as an independent video contractor, shooting live gigs such as weddings, graduations, and more. I'm proficient with cameras, audio equipment, and editing in adobe premiere pro.

Computer Science

I completed my bachelors degree at WOU in computer science in 2018. In this degree I took classes in algorithms, data structures, discrete mathematics, and more. I've studied both in college and online to broaden my knowledge and experience with computer science.


My company is Beyond Us Games which specializes in game development and teaching. I also create websites with ASP.net MVC C# for business looking to showcase their work and attract more customers. I'm proficient with C# and love the language.


I've been developing websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the MVC framework for over a year. Custom CSS allows great looking websites and awesome animations, transitions, and effects without clunky JavaScript. CSS is the paint that makes websites stand out, and it's important to understand how to use it well and efficiently.

Computer Gaming

I've been teaching games development on YouTube for over 2 years, with a strong growing community. I also have published online courses on Udemy, and Skillshare in games development, helping others to go from zero to game developer. I'm proficient with data structures, state machines, enemy AI, and more.