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Chad E.


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Software Engineer

Hello there! I'm a computer guy with a couple years of tutoring experience, as well as several years of professional experience as both a software developer and an IT guy. When I'm not fixing things on a computer, I sometimes play games like Kerbal Space Progam. I really enjoy helping people connect the dots and understand the things we're trying to study. I'm not going to do your homework for you, but I might walk you through it if time is tight. I'd rather not just give you working code; ... [more]


I'm a software engineer with several years of industry experience, who also has a BS in Computer Science. I have been tutoring Java on a professional basis for the last year.



Computer Programming


Web Design

Have several years of industry experience writing web applications, with an emphasis on LAMP stacks and CMS systems such as Drupal and E107.


Worked extensively with C++ to complete my degree. Specialized in c-style coding languages such as C++ and Java and have previously tutored both to great effect.

Career Development

I have several years of industry experience as a software engineer, and that experience includes writing resumes, performing phone interviews and in-person interviews, and other elements common to becoming a successful employee.

Computer Science

Several years of industry experience using OO practices such as MVC on Drupal, E107 and other platforms. Have participated in all stages of the software lifecycle.


Have worked with Linux as part of the complete LAMP stack. Have also managed, installed and configured linux-based firewall from scratch. Took linux course as part of my degree.


Without logic, there is no code. Have several years of professional experience applying logic in a business setting, as well as several other years performing the logic in motion that is computer science in an academic setting.

Microsoft Outlook

Have administered Microsoft Outlook on a professional basis and am very familiar with adding and removing users and other IT-related tasks on the system.


Have several years of professional experience writing PHP code as part of the complete LAMP stack, with an emphasis on back-end PHP business logic. Have also worked with PHP projects as part of my degree.


I have previously worked with JQuery on a professional basis. I have several years experience in the industry. I have a BS Computer science.


Have worked with CSS on a professional basis as part of the complete LAMP stack. Have also taken a class on HTML as part of my degree.

Computer Gaming

Have taken several classes on writing games as part of my degree. Am also an avid gamer and occasional modder.