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Generalist skills for the Computer Age

The modern world requires skills of all types, many of which did not exist just ten years ago! Over my life I've tried to pick up expertise in every area I can, especially in the realm of computers and design. I've also developed a fondness for teaching and watching my students grow in confidence. If you hire me I promise you'll learn, and hopefully have a fun time doing so! I've done graphic design for websites, publications, events, video games, and most recently a board game. Over that ti... [more]

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My studies at Indiana University began with, and often focused on, the lisp-based functional programming languages Scheme and Racket. These languages helped bolster my understanding of logic and algorithms in Computer Science early on, making the transition to the syntax of more commonly used languages much easier. After my initial classes at IU my focus shifted to web development, and I took classes on a range of topics related to html and css, javascript and php, and management of web servers. Around this time I took classes associated with my specialization in Artificial Intelligence, both on the theoretical aspects of the subject as well as hand-on robotics classes. Towards the end of my degree I was taking more in-depth computer science classes, regarding the analysis of algorithms and advanced use of lower-level languages. My final class involved writing a compiler that translates a subset of Racket to x86 Assembly, with the unique purpose of *my* compiler being the simplification and optimization of code.