Nicolas G.

Nicolas G.


Chicago, IL 60611

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IBM Engineer, expert in programming (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/React/Ruby)

Hey, there! I'm Nico, a software developer. I'm taking a short absence from my full-time job as a software engineer at IBM, where I work to build software solutions for some of the largest companies in the world (Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Salesforce). I'm able to tutor individuals looking for help with any type of programming. I am a software engineer with a lot of experience in building modern web applications with HTML/CSS/JS, Salesforce platform (Apex/Visualforce/Lightning), as well... [more]

Algebra 1



As a software engineer, I use HTML every single day. I'm extremely familiar with it, specially the cutting-edge HTML5, and have used it in countless projects in and outside of work!

Computer Programming

Elementary Math


I'm an IBM software developer with over 3+ years of software development experience, where I've specialized in JavaScript frameworks such as React and JQuery. I've built multiple products using React on the front end, and have taught basic JavaScript to groups of students during my college and post-college years. I'm extremely comfortable with it and love teaching it!

Web Design

I have created many web applications both in and outside of my full-time job -- my go-to stack is Rails with React, but I have used other frameworks such as Node.js (MEAN) or Python with Django. I have attended programming boot camps and have seen the process of teaching web development from scratch. I'm confident I can do it myself as well!


Although we did not use Ruby at my job as an engineer, I have created many web applications with it using the popular Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby is a fantastic language for building web apps and can be combined with other modern frameworks like React for a cutting-edge stack. I love it!


I've developed many, many web applications where CSS is an essential part of the design. I'm passionate about front-end development and so have learned a lot of CSS to render pixel-perfect sites.