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Katherine G.


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Professional STEM and Test Prep Instructor with 15+ Years Experience!

I hold a BS in Biology (Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and am currently finishing my doctorate in Biology. I currently teach at the undergraduate, post-graduate, high school, and middle school levels in a variety of topics. I have also really enjoyed working with younger students as young as kindergarten. Teaching is my passion, and I make my interest in the topic infectious to my students. Regardless of topic, I am skilled at summarizing content and making it easier for students to d... [more]

Algebra 1

I have been tutoring middle and high school math for over 15 years, both professionally and in a volunteer capacity, including Algebra 1. I love helping students master these absolutely critical foundations in their academics. I especially enjoy helping students make connections between math and their daily lives! It helps students to be more invested in their own learning.

Algebra 2

I am a professional STEM instructor with over 15 years experience teaching algebra, both in a professional and volunteer capacity. Although I teach professionally at the college-level currently, I have taught algebra to students as young as middle school. I love teaching algebra 2 because it is such an important foundation to a student's educational career.

American History


I am currently finishing my PhD in Biology with an emphasis on genomics and quantitative biology. In addition to designing and performing biological research, I teach biology at the undergraduate level. I have also tutored biology at the middle and high school levels for a number of years.




Microsoft Excel

European History

General Computer


I am a college-level STEM instructor with over 15 years teaching math, including geometry. Recently, I have taught students geometry both as a stand-alone topic and as part of their test preparation for the ACT, SAT, or GRE. I am also an SAT/ACT/GRE math tutor for a major test prep company.

Microsoft Word




As an academic STEM researcher and instructor, effective written communication is essential. I have been helping students, including ESL students, hone their skills for over 15 years.


I am a professional researcher and statistician, with over 6 years of teaching experience at the college level in statistics and biostatistics. In addition to teaching statistical theory and concepts, I really enjoy teaching applications and even the R programming language.



I have been tutoring K-12 English and College level writing for over 10 years. As a scientist, I greatly appreciate the needs for effective communication. I like to emphasize clarity, style, and grammatical correctness with all of my students regardless of grade level. Being a good writer is an essential skill regardless of field!


When I began teaching over 15 years ago, my first student was an adult learning ESL. It was a thrilling experience that got me hooked on teaching. I still love teaching ESL to students. I have the added benefit of having lived in another country where I was learning their language as a second language, so I have literally been in my students' shoes before!



SAT Math

I have been teaching SAT math prep for over 10 years, and math generally for over 15. I currently tutor with a major test prep company in SAT and ACT math, as well as tutor middle through college students in math such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, college algebra, and statistics.

World History


I am a professional GRE tutor with one of the major test prep companies as well as a college-level Biology and Statistics instructor. I especially love helping students understand how to most efficiently and quickly recognize the strategies ETS expects you to know. I can offer you detailed study plans in addition to tutoring in the material itself.



Physical Science





Social Studies


ACT English

ACT Math

I have been helping students master all subject areas of the ACT for over 10 years. I love helping students reach their goals. My approach is to help students achieve core competency in math while teaching what test makers expect students to recognize. My ultimate goal is to help students understand the underlying subject material while solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Elementary Math

Elementary Science


As a professional biology researcher and college-level instructor in biology and statistics, I use R nearly every day. I love teaching R to students and helping them to master both the underlying statistics concepts as well as the R language itself.


My research focus is in plant ecological genomics, which means that I have a deep understanding of plant development, physiology, ecology, evolution, and genetics. I love teaching botany as it incorporates all of these topics while emphasizing fundamental biological processes.


I am a PhD Candidate in Biology where my research focuses on quantitative and computational biology and the evolution of genomes. This means that I use Biostatistics as a integral part of my research program. Further, I've taught biostatistics for over 6 years at the college level, first as a teaching assistant and then as an instructor. Teaching biologists how to understand and apply statistics is one of my favorite things!


As a research scientist in genomics, an understanding of genetics (classical, molecular, and population) is absolutely essential. Additionally, I have served as a teaching assistant in both undergraduate genetics as well as undergraduate genomics. I have been teaching genetics and genomics to students for over 8 years now.


I have been using Macintosh almost exclusively for my daily activities, including bioinformatics, since 2006. As a programmer, I have a much deeper understanding of the Mac Operating System than your typical user. This makes me better able to advise others on the daily operations of their Mac, how best to troubleshoot both common and rarer issues, and introduce others to the benefits of programming in various languages on a Mac.


I am a PhD Candidate in Biology where my research focuses on quantitative and computational biology and the evolution of genomes. This means that I use computation as a integral part of my research program, including Perl. I am fluent in Perl, and have been using it for 9 years in my research. Additionally, I have taught short courses to other biologists in Perl to aid in genomics research.


I am a PhD Candidate in Biology where my research focuses on quantitative and computational biology and the evolution of genomes. This means that I use computation as a integral part of my research program, including UNIX. I am very knowledgeable of UNIX and bash, and I have even taught short courses to other biologists in UNIX skills to aid in genomics research.


I have been teaching standardized test preparation for over 15 years now, including the Accuplacer. I am skilled at helping students understand not only the importance on their education of placing well, but of firming up the underlying concepts for their success in college. I take an active learning approach with my students to help them regain the strong conceptual foundation they need while scoring highly on the exam.